Saturday, May 9, 2015

Perfect Imperfection

Life is not perfect. Spiritual life coaches write volumes about how one supposedly can make it better but their words seem empty to me. Instead, I read the stories of some really good people, with metaphysical abilities that we spiritual travelers tend to have, yet they face diseases and tragic occurrences in their lives just like everyone. The German mathematician and philosopher Leibnitz says we live in the best of all worlds and he is probably right, but fact of the matter remains, it is not perfect. So what to do?

Fall in love with what is, enjoy the stuff that is good and accept and somehow deal with the stuff that isn't. The founder of the Spiritual Networks community has to spend his Mother's Day in the hospital seeing his mum likely dying from a massive stroke. Yet, he remarks that for the first time in years his family is together again, and that at least he managed to talk to her the day before the attack. He recalls that she had asked him whether he had his Dunkin Donut coffee with his Boston Creme Donut that day, to which he smilingly responded that he had. Enjoy these little moments of bliss in life. They somehow make our imperfect life perfect.

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