Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Angels Send You a Sign

When I was a boy, my father used to go jogging pretty regularly, and he sometimes met a retired fireman who used to go running on the same sports field. One day, he said to my father out of the blue, "Well, there are times when God puts his hand on my shoulder and says, Heinrich, you did that really well!" My father didn't really believe in God during those days, so I wonder how this statement landed on him. When he told me about it, I just thought to myself, "well, that's just weird"!

How times have changed! When my spiritual path started in earnest, I somehow felt that I got specific instructions how to communicate with a Force from the beyond. Given my scientific training I tried to describe it as well and as "rationally" as I could in my book, "The Magnificent Experiment", but needless to say there are sections in it that must sound to the agnostic as just weird. 

One day we had a discussion about our idiosyncratic 'Conversations with God' in our Spiritual Networks community, to which I responded that the God I talk to has a terrific sense of humor. One girl replied that she sometimes thinks to herself when she receives one of her divine messages, "No Dude, really?" I somehow could resonate with her sentiment. So to cut a long story short, if today a retired fire fighter were to tell me that God sometimes taps him on the shoulder and compliments him on his excellent work, I can't  even say that I would raise an eyebrow. God's Way is mysterious indeed.

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