Friday, May 15, 2015

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sometimes we experience our life as a treadmill. We are conscious of what's going on, yet on some levels, we are unconscious. We wolf down the food; we are driven by our fears, greed or anxiety. We get mad at people, often despite our best intentions. These subconscious drives hurt us and others. The good news is, we can in fact do something about this situation. Walking a spiritual path prepares us to be mindful about all that, and gets us a little closer to actually having a choice to stop harmful behaviors. We start noticing the yin and yang of life, and realize that every reaction has a counter-reaction. Don't get us wrong though, subconscious processes will always drive you, but this time around they catapult you towards love, joy, authentic power and the light instead. 

The ancient spiritual idea of living in the holy Now is really the observation that every interaction, every action, every thought and feeling has indeed a purpose. If you ever feel negative energy creeping up in you, just stop everything and ask your Guides what this situation is for. Ask and you shall receive! Yet, when you find yourself restless, worried, out of sorts or exhausted, stop everything and find a way to connect with the Tao again. She will always make Her Presence known to you if you look around. Just stop and smell the roses, and a different path will present itself. Be humble, be curious, and be open to everything that comes your way. Chances are, it is the Way!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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