Saturday, May 16, 2015

Embracing the New You

Aspects of ourselves die as we spiritually evolve. When we release what no longer serves our highest good, it is creating space for something better. This can be a painful process, it is temporary. Don't hold onto the old, invite the new.
(Chantelle Renee)

I have little to add to Chantelle's wisdom besides that the "letting go" is a process. I liked the image in which her quote is embedded in. It shows a sleeping old "you" and a new "you" that is emerging, but there is still some glue or some ties that hold them together. Allow the back and forth between old and new. Never regret missed steps in that process; a little wiggling is required to get out. New opportunities will always come up to try again. Anyone who has ever driven a car in a snow pile or mud knows that it is the perpetual back and forth that finally catapults the car out. Have your eyes on your vision and then let life happen. You gonna like the new "you" but be patient.

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