Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love versus Lust

Can you have sex as an spiritually evolved being? Sure, having sex is a physical expression of love, and we spiritual travelers excel in this dimension. Just as they say, you are literally making love. Can you lust as an evolved spiritual being after somebody? Sure, if you zoom into an attractive body and let your passions take over.  But can you lust after someone you look straight into the eyes? Not really! The moment you recognize a soul, lust naturally fades into the background. Sexual energy maybe present, but lust disappears.

So how can lust be different from sexual energy? Have you ever seen wolf state down his enemy, and you may understand what lust is all about. Sexual energy can be a dance instead, a reaction and counter-reaction that leads to mutual bliss. A mutual energy field that waits to explode, without thinking, only feeling. Two hearts beating at one; two magnetic fields creating a vortex of passion.

Being spiritual means that you start seeing things as an artist does. The eyes and the face of a soul sibling are telling a story. Once you connect with it, a body can inspire you to start the dance but it can't distract you from the Way any longer. 

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