Sunday, June 28, 2015

I AM That I AM

I am not this body
I am not this thought
I am not this emotion


We live in this physical world and our body is part of this physical world phenomenon. It grows, gets sick, gets old, feels hungry, and has sexual desires. Very often we have opinions about how our body should be. We feel depressed when we are sick; we fight the fact that we are getting old; we feel embarrassed about experiencing lust. Our issues arise when we identify this body as "me" and won’t let it be.  

When we recognize that we are this body, a space is created between “I” and this body.  Suddenly, we can just let it be, just let the body run its course and fulfill its own function; just let the body experience what is possible to experience in this physical world.  We respond to its need and take good care of her but we know deeply inside, this body is not “ME”.  I am the consciousness, that which witnesses whatever is happening to this body. 

The same applies to our thinking.  We cannot really control whatever thoughts will pop into our mind.  We are not these thoughts but the consciousness which is aware of all these incoming thoughts and decides how to respond to them. Suddenly, we can just let the thoughts run its course and let it be.

The same applies to our emotions. We cannot really control what kind of emotions we will experience moment by moment. We are not these emotions but the awareness which monitors all these moving clouds. Suddenly, we can just let the emotions run its course and be at peace with them.

I AM That I AM!

By Su Zhen 

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