Thursday, June 25, 2015

Peace and Emotions

Our emotions help us understand what is really going on inside of us. We are conscious of our feelings, our interactions with others and reactions to specific events; sometimes, however, we are just carried away by our emotions without truly realizing what is going on. No worries, that is part of life too. New opportunities to become aware of what is hidden below the hood will surely come up. As a matter of fact, any big turbulences stay with us until the day when we finally comprehend what is going on. Say, we are bothered by some sadness; no matter how hard we try to drown it out, it lingers until one day we sit down and be one with it.

Think of a neglected baby as an example. It will cry even harder until finally someone takes notice. Our emotions are just like our inner little children. Only when we can truly see them, sit down with them, and understand what truly bothers us, will they finally calm down. It works like magic. Being one with our own feelings is the attention and self-love that nourishes us.

Often we fail to understand our own emotions and project our anger to people or events around us. We feel relieved when we release our negative energy at the expense of these poor people. Monitor yourself; become aware of your interactions with others, especially the triggers that set in motion the emotional outbreak. As a matter of fact, that is what the Tao does day in, day out. Confronting us with the situations, people and reactions that help us become aware of the bigger picture. As soon as you see what causes all the turbulence, suddenly, the whole universe quiets down as well. May peace be with you!
By Su Zhen 

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