Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Confucius once said that if he shows three corners to a student and he is unable to find the forth one, he will stop working with that person. Obviously, Confucius wasn't very interested in teaching per se; he was interested in showing others the Way.

Why do we aspire enlightenment? Why do we want to be wise? Are we really interested in the progress of the seeker, or do we we aspire to be put on a pedestal? Observe yourself and find out what truly drives you. And you know what, whatever you find is ok. So what if you become a teacher because you like to be admired, or because you like to share your notion of what is right with others. Accept your bias, but learn about your bias, 
just as your students learn from you.

Do whatever you feel like doing but stop fooling yourself about your perceived holiness. Fact of the matter is that you are "enlightened" the moment when you are aware of your biases, and that you are biased when you think that you are "enlightened". True wisdom is the realization to just let it be. But this stage has to be earned. Work lies ahead - enjoy!

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