Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Moses Moment

When you come to the Red-Sea-Place in your life,
when in spite of all of you,
there is no way 'round, there is no way back.
There is no other way but THROUGH!
Then know God with a soul serene,
and the dark and the storm are gone.
God stills the wind. God stills the waves.
God says to your soul,
(Life and Teachings of the Far East, Vol. 3)

Sometimes we will come across very difficult stretches in our life which make us wonder why this is happening to us. In the beginning we often resist the pain and complain to God that our world is turned upside down. When the situation becomes too overwhelming we try to drown the problems out altogether. Drugs and alcohol usage are the more extreme means to forget, but even simple distractions such as TV, Facebook, movies and shopping can be our escape outlets. Still, our issues will always pop to the surface until one day we finally are willing to go through the dark tunnel and face them.

When we are walking through the dark tunnel, we are filled with fear, anxiety, pain and sadness.  We don’t know what to do and where to go. Until one day we find that all the answers are already there inside us. Yes, God never sends us on a mission which is beyond our ability to face it. This seemly difficult period is a time for us to discover our inner strength, wisdom and love. We may have been spiritual before, but when we discover who walks besides us during these dark periods we suddenly discover what true faith is about. 

How can you be sure that you can talk to God?  How can you access so much wisdom, strength and love inside? Don't you see that it is only during this Moses moment that you have no choice but to stretch out your hand to the Guide walking next to you? It is only then when you try, err and succeed. It is then when discover your Way, your idiosyncratic mode of being connected to the Beyond.

You hold the key. All the answers and strengths are already inside of you. Until the moment you discover the magic inside you have in fact not really lived. Your problems are just there to give you a little kick across the invisible bridge. Once you have crossed it you will see how theatrical they in fact are. Learn to fall in love with life itself. Sell your TV and cancel your Facebook account, the world is waiting for you to live your life to fullest.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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