Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The expression androgynous implies a perfect balance between male and female energy. I came across that expression for the first time in Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind" in which he makes the claim that we are all on a subconscious or conscious journey towards wholeness. As it turned out, I have been undergoing this transition on my spiritual path but by no means has it been an easy one. At work, I specialize in putting the individual analyses of our team members together into one internally consistent strategy piece. It turns out that this job requirement contains many yin elements, such as being in tune with the individual analyst perspective, or integrating contrasting perspectives. It took me a while to figure out what my true function entailed and have struggled with it on occasions. Yet, it has been a mission of sorts, so I never felt that I had a choice in any of this.

Becoming androgynous may turn out to be a spiritual mission, and it is certainly not an easy one.  Around the time when my spiritual path opened up, I also had an encounter with a demon that violently took issue with the path I was one. I remember the night many years ago like today when I encountered the demon in a dream (http://zeitgeistinma.blogspot.com/2011/01/releasing-nightmare.html).
He is a wolf that shows up on a lonely full moon night and demands his pound of flesh. I can keep him at an arms-length distance, but I can't entirely shut him up. The masculinity in me rebels against the perceived feminization of my yang energy. 

The Tao is an energy balance. It turns out that the wolf can be pacified and kept a bay with just a little redirecting of energy. The demon had a message for me in store. After the dream I made it a deliberate effort to accentuate my yang energies in all areas of my life to compensate for the spiritual mission I am on. Divisiveness, assertion, leadership are all yang qualities and I discovered that my job was just perfect in bringing them to the fore as well. So it turns out that I accentuate my personality in every dimension; yang energy as well as yin both have their opportune moments to shine, and my career took off in the process. Can you already identify your journey towards wholeness?

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