Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On Negative Thinking

Nothing is either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.
(William Shakespeare)

Have you ever observed how your negative thinking  can bring us down?  Perhaps it is just a little thing that is not going well, but it somehow festers and our fears and worries get progressively worse. We have literally created a monster, and unless we stop it on the spot, are driven by it.

How come that some people commit suicide? Isn't it because they identify with something negative occurring in their life and they somehow think that they are doomed? Walking a spiritual path encourages us to be aware of our thinking and actions, and know how they create our reality. With this awareness and clarity, suddenly we know we have a choice in what we want to experience. We can keep creating an enormous monster and are run by it, or we can be aware that our world is just a reflection of our mind, and step out of it. 

A spiritual path cannot insulate you from negative events; they are part of life just as the sunshine and the rain. However, a spiritual life can help you to become aware of a negative mindset and stop it in the tracks. We can always choose how we are going to respond to every situation. When you face life with awareness, love and creativity, the outcome is always a lot brighter than if you are gripped by fear and anxiety. With an open mindset, we are suddenly able to experience our life as is without adding more dramas and misery to it.

Life flows through us without the labels of positive or negative. It is our mind making all the fuss. When we welcome every aspect of our life and dance with everything and everyone coming our way, we 
suddenly experience peace. May this peace be with you!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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