Thursday, June 18, 2015

Super Ego or Spirituality?

A member of the community Spiritual Networks noted that she can't eat meat any longer. Her body simply rebels. Exactly the same happened to me after I experimented with being a vegetarian. How do we know whether this reaction is "real", or simply imagined, that is, the spiritual traveler decides that eating meat is barbarian and the bodily functions simply shut down after you consume meat because the super ego says so. Does it matter, I would ask? Whatever happens to you is real, period.

There will be changes along a spiritual path. Your sex life may change, as may your diet, or your interaction with others or nature. Your body, your psychology and the people you interact with are mere guiding posts to help you figure out your Way. Eventually we may all converge to one saintly manifestation as we evolve spiritually, but until that day you may as well have fun manifesting your Way. 

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