Friday, June 19, 2015

The Filter

Have you ever seen when the "filter" that gets activated in the aggressive businessman who sees his competitor succeed? His hormones and creative juices kick in and he will not rest until somehow he has gained the upper hand again.  

Have you seen how the competent women shuts down when someone triggers her painful childhood memories of violence and abuse? A filter of a different sort shows up; one that paralyzes her system instead of jump-starting it.

Or have you experienced the mental filter that runs the young college student as he traffics from one pornographic website to the next. Further and further he stretches the boundaries of perversion until he gets sucked into a vortex of images and lust that he simply can't escape.

All of these behaviors have one thing in common, a "filter" descends on the neural pathways of all of them that simply disconnects them from what is. It is as if new neural circuits jump in, bonding them to a chain of reactions and counter-reactions. The filter makes us robot-like, embedding us in a trance that is somehow impossible to break out of. 

There is little that you can do once this filter has become part of you. Some you might even be born with it, such as the competitive mindset of the before mentioned businessman. What you can do though, you can try becoming aware of these situations. You surely must have seen these rigid and robotic expression in others, and perhaps even encountered them in yourself. You feel your heart beat pumping the blood through your system, or you suddenly become aware of your tunnel vision.

You can only step outside of your filter when you really want to. The greedy businessman can discover the power of collaboration and caring for others. The women can learn to keep going despite her fear and pain. The sex addict can discover the beauty and thrill of real sex over the imagined one. Isn't that what a spiritual path is all about? To let go of all conditioning of the mind and to fall in love with life instead. The reality of life beats the filter by a mile. Discover it for yourself!

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