Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Choice for Love

"Hate" has four letters, but so has "love".
"Enemies" has seven letters, but so does "friends".
"Lying" has five letters, but do does "truth".
"Hurt" has four letters, but so does "heal",

Isn't this symmetry amazing? I wonder how many more languages have this wisdom embedded in them. Spirituality is the ability to listen to both sides of the story and then find a way to go with the positive interpretation. Not because you are somehow naive, and not because you see something that you want to see, but because you are seeing a gem on the floor that others have overlooked in their rush to accuse, to judge and to execute, all in one go.

In my work setting I have witnessed hate being transformed into love. I have experienced the healing of hurt in me personally. In the world I live in, the concepts love, friends, truth, and heal go together, just as hate, enemies, lying, and hurt go together on the other side of the spectrum. But please don't take my word for it. Listen to the evidence that is presented to you with an open mind and just see whether you can make the case for love in the "real" world.

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