Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Message of the Dead Bird

Someone in the Spiritual Networks community once asked whether anyone has ever seen dead birds, to which I replied that over the years, I have found several had been dead in front of my house. I have a very close relationship with birds and feed them pretty much all year round; all the local birds get their grains over the winter months, while the hummingbirds get their sugar water in the summer. Actually, I seem to feed the entire food chain given the near-by living hawk also sometimes comes for his breakfast.  

As you can imagine, I thought it was a bad omen to find a dead bird. And sure it is, it always coincides with a turbulent period in my life. Yet, I also observed that each occurrences had a particular spiritual meaning. Birds certainly communicate with me. I always smile when late in the fall the birds start complaining when it gets cold and I haven't yet put up the feeder. But then, throughout the year it is almost as if the birds are paying me back as well for all the care and attention they receive. 

The other day my younger son alerted me to a dead bird lying in front of our garage. I soon realized the spiritual significance of this event. I was in a foul mood that day, and acted irrationally and aggressive much in contrast to my typical nature. I barked at friends for little reason, and even lashed out at them on a couple of occasions. But somehow they instinctively realized the mood I was in and always extended a hand of friendship despite myself. At the end of the thunderstorm all my relationships were not only going strong, they somehow even became stronger because I realized how much love truly surrounds me day by day. Looking back at that day, it almost felt as if this little bird took all the heat for me and rescued me from self-sabotaging. 

Spiritual friends of the sky, I bow before you!

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