Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dao: Ready, Set and Go

We were leaving the house to go to our favorite family restaurant, and as I was checking my mobile phone the time said 12:03, which for me is a meaningful number sequence just as 11:11 is for many other spiritual travelers. By the way, you exclude zeros in numerology, so the sequence reads 123, which to me has the same message as ready, set, go.

We managed to load the entire family into the car, grand-father, boys and all; and as I was pulling the car out of the drive-way, I glanced at the clock of the car and it read 12:03, which is possible because it runs a few minutes behind the time on the mobile phone.

We drove to our destination and I had forgotten all about the synchronicity until I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and saw that the clock read this time: 12:30. I of course had to smile and took my phone out to write this little note. Guess what the clock on the phone was? 12:34!

I conjectured to my father-in-law that perhaps today we get his favorite table near the window and just as we came in, the family that was sitting there got up to leave, the waitress smiled at him and said, "I kept the favorite table for you since I knew you were coming!

As we left I passed by a car with the license plate DAO 6. Again, in numerology you add a number sequence until you are left with a single digit: 1+2+3=6. It is nice to be connected to the Way.

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