Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Transcendence of the Snake

The snake biting its tale is a symbol for wholeness according to C. G. Jung. Why did the snake in the Garden of Eden tempt Eve and Adam to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree in the middle of the garden? Because the snake is a symbol for the phallus, our latent desire to imprint earth with our sperm, our vision of how things ought to be.

Well, Adam bit the apple and the rest is history. But just because our journey started doesn't mean it can't be finished. We can't negate the force of the phallus, and we can't wish it away. What we can do though, we can recognize the Way. When ego, soul and Spirit coincide, we are Home. Just be willing redirect the energy a little. The promise of the Creator is that there is always a mission at hand that works for everyone, your soul, your desire, as well as the Holy Spirit.

Celebrate the snake as it slides to a new destination. Don't fear the craving that you perceive inside. See God's Creation with the eyes of an artist, and the Way will appear next to you, ready to be embraced. When the snake finally bites its snake we find that we are Home, and always have been.

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