Friday, July 24, 2015

The Way

Does the spiritual traveler choose the Path, or does the Path choose the traveler?

Could it be that our destiny is already written in the stars? We surely have a choice in what we do, but we also surely are primed in our action. If the sun shines, and I had a good meal I will probably react very differently to an event than when I am hungry and when it is raining. So when you step back a little and look at the plot that is in the making, you can easily argue that there is a movie director in the background who conveniently arranges all the scenes so that you travel your predestined path.

The longer I travel the Way, the more I have stopped predicting anything. I know what I want, but I am also happy to change directions dependent on what I see. Gone are the days when I got my mission done with iron will. I remember when my co-author Su Zhen simply quit her work a few years back. I was surprised as it seemed completely out of the blue. "The energy doesn't feel right anymore", she simply said. What was incomprehensible to me in those days has in fact become normal for me today. It is no longer my doing, it is Her Way. And what She wants can only be understood on a day to day basis. 

Gone are all the plans, gone are all expectations. Everything that remains is the Way. Who knows where exactly this journey will take me. All I can say that every day I put my best foot forward to make this movie a good one.

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