Thursday, July 23, 2015

Zombie Alert

The other day I looked at the screen of a videoconference and I was surprised to see how old I looked. Immediately I started smiling, with this boring discussion underway, that was hardly my fault :) This morning, by contrast, I felt quite tired, but to my surprise a young face smiled back at me, as I was checking the mirror. So it almost appears as if we change appearances just like chameleons, flexibly adjusting to the thoughts that go through our mind, and the people we hang out with.  

Life is spontaneous, as are most of our interactions with other people. It is the thoughts, the expectations, the disappointments and the fears that wear us down. Perhaps one day we have an app that monitors our bio-stats and facial expressions as we go through our daily routines and send us a "zombie-alert" once we regress back to autopilot. The other day I was headed out for lunch, completely lost in my thoughts, and a fellow who could well have been homeless, waved at me and said, "Smile, brother". So it looks like that until that day when this app gets invented, the Way stands ready to alert us in the meantime :)

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