Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life is Therapy

A group of colleagues and I are meeting every week for an hour; the other day I suddenly had an epiphany that this is in fact a collective therapy session. You see people sulking, you hear heated discussions, people are sometimes on the defense, while sometimes they are lashing out; but in all these childish exchanges you perceive healing as well. Over time, comradery is developing. It turns out that time is the great healer, just as long you have a group of well-meaning people hanging out with each other.

I see this energy exchange whenever my in-laws come for a visit as well. Household appliance break down just prior to their arrival. It is almost as if they have to take some of the pressure off by taking a beating instead. Then I see the little fights between the parties who don't like each other that much. But just as with a pressure cooker, with every little fight some pressure gets released. And when finally it is time to say good-bye, another layer of bad air has been removed, until one fine time all that remains is love and happy memories.

Life is therapy if you open up to it. Accept the pain, tolerate little slaps, but make sure that you also recycle bad energy when the opportune time pops up. Don't just all take it in because you somehow are the spiritual one. Therapy is an energy exchange, so you have to participate in it as well. Just let go; accept the good as well as the bad, and just keep moving. With every holy encounter of well-meaning people a little of the troublesome past is digested and re-evaluated.  When you open up to life with this mindset, every new morning is literally a new birth. 

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