Saturday, August 1, 2015

Some desires bind you, some set you free

When you think about it, none of us really has any business to judge anything or anyone. What do we know what all the events in our and other people's life are really for. I might succumb to addiction but may meet my soul partner whose mission it is to heal me at one of the AA meetings. I might, very much like Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge exploit others all my life only to have a mental breakdown on one special Christmas Eve and look at the world with new spiritual eyes for the rest of my life. We know nothing, but our soul does, as does the Way.

So which of our desires then bind us and which ones set us free? Which desires in fact help us, and which waste precious time? Well, we know deep down inside what is right for us and what isn't. And life - the Tao - always stands ready moment by moment to assist us in our soul searching mission. All we have to do is to keep our eyes, ears and, especially, our heart wide open and the answer will become clear to us. Perhaps it is exactly the other way around as you always thought: perhaps it is the stuff that you hate so much, the many bills that have to be paid, the apparently soul-destroying job, or all these annoying people in your life that in fact hold the key to your spiritual break-through. Just perhaps, if you were given a 'carte blanche' - like a lottery win for example - you would only deviate further from your true mission. Trust life, trust your past, trust that everything that ever happened to you, happened for a very good reason!

While life's vision is 20:20 as far as the past is concerned, life is always an exciting mystery as far as the holy now is concerned. We only know two things, every voice matters, and every occurrence is meaningful. Yet in all this uncertainty, one thing is crystal clear though. We are God's co-creators and it is our job to steer our boat Home with some divine assistance. Honor the desires that still stick to you. Let your passion burn the remaining ties, and try to give purpose to whatever it is you do. You will find that some of your desires set you free, and that the ones that still bind you, will in fact connect you to the Way. It is always the same movie, in all that uncertainly, in all that soul searching, you always do the thing that is right for you anyway. Have faith in your instincts and trust the Way! You are fine, always have been and always will!

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