Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sex: Just Follow the Energy

Can we have wild sex and at the same time be considered a decent and spiritual person? Can we allow ourselves to explore sex without any limit as long as it is consensual and if we don't hurt anyone in the process? Can we allow ourselves to explore sex and just feel what is spiritually kosher or not?

Too often, we feel guilty about our sexual longings and suppress it in a dark corner of our being. We don’t dare to let people know how much we long for sex and how wild we want to be. We sometimes don’t even dare to let our partner know how wild we want to be.  Isn’t that sad?  What really restricts us?  Do we have that belief deep down inside that decent people don’t have wild sex?  

Could the spiritual community have it all wrong? Instead of saying that the ego wants to have steamy sex, it is in fact the ego which blocks the way for wild sex. All the expectations of the society to be "proper", are they not built around the concept of sin and guilt? Why can't we consider ourselves as decent people even we have wild sex?  Why do we need to live up to the expectations of society anyway? When you let go of your ego - your image of yourself - perhaps the wild and authentic side of us is coming out to have fun. Perhaps many of us discover that longing for wild and explosive sex in us because it comes natural to us when we let go of all the expectations, belief sets and constraints imposed by society. 

Just give it a try. If you have a partner to dance with, follow the energy and see where it leads you. Enjoy living out your true self!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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