Monday, August 17, 2015

The Story of the Turkey and the Bull

Sadhguru once told the story of a turkey that was so heavy that he just couldn't get off the ground so he asked his friend the bull on whether he had some advice how to fly. The bull responded, "Sure, just eat this stuff lying on the ground, and it will give you magical powers." The turkey dutifully ate some of the droppings on the ground, and tried the lift-off again. Surprisingly he made it all the way to the second branch of a near-by tree. Still not satisfied, he asked the bull whether he had something that would make him fly even higher. The bull told him to keep eating the magic stuff on the ground, which he happily did. Next time when the turkey tried the lift-off, he managed to get all the way up the tree. Overjoyed, the turkey sat there on top of the highest tree looking at the forest beneath him. Suddenly there was a shot and the turkey fell dead to the ground. The wild duck hunters nearby apparently didn't mind to also get a shot at the next Thanksgiving meal.

The moral of the story? Bullshit may get you to the top but you will not manage to stay there.

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