Sunday, August 16, 2015

You Can Heal Yourself

Your heart is the light of the world,
don't cover it with your mind.

In "You Can Heal a Yourself", Louise Hay developed the idea that every illness is in the end symbolic, and as long as we adjust ourselves in response to our affliction, we have way more power to heal ourselves than our health care industry would like us to believe. I consider myself a living example of this insight. My father had bi-polar and I discovered some time in my mid-forties that this affliction is part of my gene pool as well. I  never got tested for it or anything. Yet, I know it is there bubbling below the surface ready to pop up unless I make some drastic life changes.

That's where the spiritual path comes in. Louise Hay is a deeply spiritual person too, and I guess we would both be arguing that you should not let the opportunity go waste in your perceived health crisis. In my case, a manic depression is essentially a mood disorder, and my spiritual path encouraged me to get in touch with the slumbering emotions that my powerful mind had overridden for decades. I discovered that I could do that at work and my career thanked me for getting in touch with my emotions and my intuition. I also realized that spirituality is all about reconnecting with the longings of your heart. In short, I learned that mind and heart can operate in tandem. What an insight, and what a giant jump along my spiritual path I have taken because of it! So what if I had a few stretches of "dis-ease" to get to this point.

Yes, you can heal yourself. Every illness has a spiritual message for you. Do not let the opportunity go waste in the crisis you are facing. Your spiritual path is waiting for you ready to show you the Way to the light.

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