Saturday, August 8, 2015

When the Tao Turns Us Upside Down

Therapy can help people who carry big emotional and psychological scars that require professional healing. Hopefully, after years of soul-wrenching therapy they can get back to being "normal" again. Useful and helpful as this process is though, it seems that we spiritual travelers are beyond therapy. Not that we don't need it too, but simply because we are on a different track. You could say that we have enrolled in a graduate course instead. We are certainly not "normal" and also don't aspire to ever get back to that state again. You could say that every day is therapy for us. Our once experienced safe and comfortable world is steadily turned upside down. This mostly happens in a creative, joyful and playful environment, but there also are a few scary moments along the Way when the ego yet again gets the better of us.

Our journey will always be soul-wrenching; life throws so much stuff at us spiritual traveler that every drop of our soul-mission gets squeezed out of us until there is nothing left but emptiness. Slice after slice of our old "I" gets thrown by the wayside. Experience for yourself that there is nothing "normal" where She walks.

True therapy changes all parties involved. We are both teacher and student, doctor and patient all at the same time. I learned the hard way that I am both life coach and in need of advice. Gone are the days when I lectured people. Today I understand that every advice I first and foremost give to myself. I welcome the Tao to turn me upside down once again. While I can't say what will come my Way, I have a hunch that no matter what, tomorrow morning I will get up, get my morning coffee, and go back to life's school once again.

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