Sunday, August 9, 2015

When Three Paths Merge into One

The Path of the Christ is easy to spot: discover love wherever you go, and when there is little, zoom into the cry for love. You are a healer, and as you bring healing to the world, you in fact heal yourself.

The Path of Krishna is not that hard to grasp either: you have a mission in life; put your heart and soul into that and let God do the rest. Get 
your job done and then move on to more spiritual things.

The Path of Lao-Tzu is to recognize the Self in everything that comes your way. God's divine play can be recognized in the yin and yang of life. 
Merge with the holy now without getting lost in it.

I called this note "When the three Paths Merge into One" for a reason for the fourth - Buddha's
 - isn't one. The three Paths reach where Buddha already sits, under the Mahabodhi tree. Go inside and discover that you are already Home and as a matter of fact never really left.

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