Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Playful Observer

How do we interpret an event that takes place in our life? How do we feel about it? As if turns out, this interpretation creates our reality. However, if we keep observing ourselves, somehow we get in tune with the Universe, and we start to see and experience things in a very different way. Once we get in tune with Her perspective, we start experiencing light, love, joy and wisdom. It is like we are experiencing events as the Creator, or like a mother who is watching her children playing happily Whatever they do, we smile with acceptance and love!

Keep observing yourself and be very curious about your reaction to everything. Don’t try to stop yourself feeling or thinking anything. All these feelings and thoughts are just part of the energy flow.  As you allow them to be there and watch them with curious eyes, they pass by just like clouds. However, if you spot yourself getting involved, you start judging as well. You suddenly have opinions on what you feel and the quality of your thoughts. You start interfering with the Tao's energy flow and you get stuck there.

As an example, the other day I spotted a bitter, even hateful feeling toward my children, and immediately got scared and told myself that I am not supposed to have this feeling. After all, we are only supposed to feel love toward them, right? But then, I immediately woke up to the fact that with this judgement I am no longer observing myself anymore. For a moment I fell into the trap of mind game and lost the connection with the energy flow of the Tao. Yet, just as you can step out of it, it is always in your power to re-connect with the Way the very next moment.

Let every feeling and thought flow through you with awareness. They are not you. You are the identity that is aware of everything that happens within and externally. As you remember your true identity, you suddenly experience, light, playfulness with mostly everything that comes into your life.

Life is fun and full of change, and you are part of it - enjoy!

By Su Zhen

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