Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Dynamic of Life

The dynamic of life brings momentum, energy and makes our life colorful! 

If you always take care of people and put people’s needs first, you will realize how tired you get and how much this takes out of you. Yet, relationships always are a two way energy exchange. The law of the Way is that whatever you give to others will be given back to you and then some. The beauty of giving is the willingness to let others fall in love with you and let them care for you as well. But if we refuse our own needs and refuse to receive, the people we want to help will only withdraw from us. 

The Good Samaritan complex is one way to ask for trouble, the other is to always want to be spiritually kosher in everything we do. Life contains everything, good and evil, peace and aggression, lust and purity. If you always try to stay pristine clean, your shadow will follow you around until it seems to you that being bad is deeply rooted in you.

The dynamic of life runs our life. Like a magnet we are pushed back and forth depended on whether we bump into our so-perceived positive or negative aspect of life. But once we accept that, and once we let go of all the name-calling, and respond to the invites of the Way, we will suddenly find that we are much more powerful and alive!  This is the dynamic of life!

Being part of the dynamic of life gives us many insights and allows us to express our emotions the way we truly feel. Heart and mind go in tandem. Gone are the days when the linear thinking tells us how things should be. None of this was ever "right" anyway. We just cemented over the dynamic and multi-dimensional world of what is, with what should be. When we live our life according to the voice in our head, we feel disappointed and lose momentum.  Life becomes stagnated and boring.

Life is always dynamic and full of momentum! If we follow the Way, the do-called good and bad combine into something much bigger and grander. The pain goes hand in hand with the joy, and the give and take complete each other! By embracing everything that life brings, we manage to live an authentic spiritual life for the very first time. Let life surprise you!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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