Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dancing with Shadows

Do you know that our shadow can expand our life, gives us strength, and can help us to be more loving toward each other? Of course, all that magic only happens when we have have managed to integrate our shadow after years of dancing with life, and opening up to it. Until that blessed day, it is not hard to observe that when we reject our shadow, we are quite limited in our ability to deal with some people around us.

Take our family for example; when you look closely you find that our family is just an expanded version of us. Isn't true that someone within our family always has the ability to push our buttons? Well, for a good spiritual reason! You may have the ability to withdraw from friends, or people you interact little with, but that is harder to do with family. It is often very difficult for us to accept these shadow attributes in them, but given that they are part of our family, we are forced to deal with them anyway. 

Our shadow is part of us. When we refuse to accept its existence, it is like we say that we don’t love ourselves completely. We can try to stick to our black and white world, but when we have this attitude we will necessarily clash with someone close to us. Try to step out of this confrontation. If you manage to dance with your shadow, you can learn to have compassion towards all of your family and the many people you interact with. 

So how can we finally accept these black sheep? Well, consider this: will our shadow ever go away if we refuse these so-called bad guys? Will they disappear from this world if we refuse their existence? Will anything in our life change for the better if we try to cut them out? We might as well ask, can we really run away from ourselves? Our disowned brothers and sisters are here to hold a mirror up for us. Today is a good time to accept them, open up to them and finally learn from them. Dance with your shadow and learn how to love and heal.  

Unfortunately it is not an easy thing to do; quite often it easier to glorify our ego than to love and accept. Well, just look at your mirror image. Changes are you discover something there that you never did before. Just look; the ego always disintegrates in the presence of love, even if initially it comes in distorted form. Send a blessing today to the trouble-shooters of the past. The music is playing, let's start dancing with our shadow.

May love and peace radiate from our being, always!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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