Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Winning along the Way

I am a winner before I start the race.

I have the knowledge that I am a Son of God, but unfortunately this insight slips away from me from time to time. There are certainly stretches of time when the voice in my head literally becomes the devil's advocate, and it takes all my spiritual awareness and determination to keep going in spite of it. Yet once you have this knowledge about your Self and the Way, you in fact embrace a "winner attitude". The voice in your head becomes nothing but a minor distraction along the Way.

When I read the winner quote I knew exactly what power it is alluding to; you probably do too. Michael Jordan had it; his drive to move mountains for the win was oozing out of every fiber of his being. I can't say that I have this hunger to win. As a matter of fact, I would even say that we spiritual travelers aspire something different altogether. We put our best foot forward to dance with life, but only push forward in an aggressive fashion when we receive the Way's cues that this is really what we want to do. After all, when exactly do we "win" and when do we "lose"? Along the Way all of that is no so clear-cut. Isn't it written that those who will be first, will be last?

You can manifest whatever you want; yes, you are that powerful! But decide in harmony with the Way when you figure out what you want to create, would be my recommendation. There is a time to come first, and there is a time to come last; let the Tao tell you why everything happens the way it does. And always there is a time to enjoy peace, love and connections along the Way. I hope you realize that with this attitude, you are a winner every step of the Way.

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