Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Exploring the Holy Sexual Union

Have you ever observed your attitude toward sex? Are you bothered or ashamed by your sex drive?  Perhaps you can take this observation as a chance to understand yourself and your partner better. As a human beings we are simply wired to enjoy sex. This drive makes up a good portion of our life, so instead of being bothered by it, or wish it to go away, perhaps we can take another approach, accept it and simply go with the flow.

Perhaps we can even ask ourselves, why exactly are we bothered by our sexual drive?  We spiritual folks always talk about love, so what's better than celebrating two bodies merging into one in a passionate and steamy encounter? Doesn’t sex bring us lots of pleasure? Is it really bad to enjoy ourselves?  Although we don't dare to admit it, sex is so often in the background, and affects do much of what we do. So why shouldn't we face what drives us; perhaps even better, why shouldn’t we become an expert in having fun?

Brian L. Weiss MD in "Many Lives, Many Masters" comments how some of his patients in a hypnotic state reported their past life experiences, and some even reported visions of future incarnations, in which several reported the same vision, namely spending pleasurable time with their twin mates in abundant natural surroundings, essentially having sex to enjoy the ecstatic  state of merging with the other soul. We are asking you, when humanity one day has overcome material scarcity of any form, what really is there left to do but to experience God in His creations and by celebrating divinity with your twin flame.

If we consider sex as nutrition for our soul, suddenly this act becomes holy and spiritual. As we experience diseases and aging to advance our soul, why shouldn’t we make also good use of all the blessings God endowed us with. Do we really think learning from pain is holy and learning from pleasure is a shame? What we are writing is certainly not new. In fact there is an entire discipline called tantra yoga that studies and celebrates the physical union of spiritual souls. Life is supposed to be fun. Why don’t we explore our energy centers the way God designed them for us. Have fun exploring!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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