Thursday, September 24, 2015

Die to Live Again

Why has there to be all that drama in our life? Why do people need to go through these heart-breaking events, diseases, disabilities, divorces, professional failures, and eventually death?  These dramatic events bend us, and sometimes break us. They seem merciless when we go through them. Why would God ever want us to experience something like this?

We can never know the answer to these questions unless we ourselves travel these worn-down shoes; until we really take these challenges on our shoulders and go an run with them. We can soak ourselves in the bitter juice of resentment, blaming God for being unfair and for being a victim of life. But then, we can also take a deep plunge and travel with God into the unknown. Step by step, we finally see some light and finally we realize God’s plan. It dawns on us that all the pain has been entirely our doing, while all the upside in the crisis is of God. 

Every crisis - in hindsight - falls like the old skin of a snake by the wayside to make room for the new one. Every dramatic event shows us the limits we imposed on ourselves beforehand, and sets the stage for bigger, better and more joyful things. It is only after the crisis that we go inside, find the strength to take on the challenge, and recover from it. We first have to let go of the old self, to create the space for the new self - and in the process - manage to get a little closer to the Self. Without this tragedy, we would never have been willing to let of this attachment.

 The new “I" is impossible to be born while the old one is still taking its space. A healthy you is impossible to emerge unless you let go of your damaging life-style and poor diet of prior years; a new empowering job is impossible to come by unless you leave your old one; and new connections are impossible to form unless you cut first some dysfunctional ones. 

Are you ready?  Are you willing to die a little to get a little closer to the true Self? We are!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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