Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Master of Life

She is in her sixties, and her name is Queenie. How appropriate, just like her name implies, she looks royal and talks like a queen too. She always dresses properly and stylish. With smooth skin and silky black hair, a fit body and high energy, it is hard to believe that she is already in her sixties.

She makes her living as a cleaning lady. However, if in a thought experiment a queen was ever asked to clean her quarters, she probably would clean them just as Queenie does! When she cleans, she is fully concentrated and taking care of every detail. She does her job with an elegant taste, patience and joy! How to describe it best? Respect and dignity comes to mind. 

Do we need to have a high paying job to be respected and respect ourselves? Thanks to Queenie, we know that it is not the case. It is about respecting our Self, it is about respecting our job and the people we interact with it, and it is about having fun every step of the way!

Queenie is always happy while she is cleaning. She is singing and doing her job to perfection.  She is not in a rush to finish everything.  She lets the job decides how long she should spend on it and not the other way around!  With this attitude, she always looks at ease.

She appreciates the opportunities to work and she appreciates her income.  With this job, she is able to be independent and does what she likes! From her, we learn the value of work!  We bow to you Queenie, a master of life!

By Su Zhen 

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