Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Tao Knows Best

Do you know that your body, and all its biological functions change drastically in response to stress? Are you aware of how much negative experiences and traumatic occurrences change you as a person? Do you realize that, much in contrast, a winning streak of any form gets your hormones pumping, especially when you are a man?

One way of reacting to all this is to decide to become mindful and to try consciously counter-balancing all these subconscious processes. Another way to embrace these insights is to just go with the flow and allow yourself to be "high" when is going is good, and depressed when the music stops playing.

Walking the Tao can be both. All that we really aspire to do is to de-emphasize the "I". We are happy to go with the flow, unless the "I" takes it as an invite to take over. We don't mind if we are a little "high" or a little depressed, as long as it is all part of the Way. What we mind is to be hijacked by the "I" and separated from the Way. The ego sometimes wants to see things that aren't real; and the "I" tends to overlook subtle messages just because they seem inconvenient truths.

Body, you know best, so do whatever you subconsciously think you have to do. Life, you are our teacher! Lift us up, bring us down; do whatever you may as long as we can always be close to Her. The Tao knows best!

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