Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nurture your Soul

Have you ever wondered why you indulge yourself in the senses, like watching porn, or escaping in erotic stories and novels, not to mention shopping trips, or over-eating? Do you feel lifted up afterwards or even perhaps even more miserable?

Most of the time we engage in these activities because we are not happy about how we feel at this moment, and want to drown it out. These dragging, boring, and stressful feelings drive us crazy and we are looking for an outlet. Unfortunately, instead of finding a real solution, we just escape or repress that feeling. We may succeed for a few pleasurable moments, but soon this nagging state returns.

Instead of running away from this feeling, please allow yourself to be one with this feeling for a while and try to understand the root cause of your condition. Let the cravings and frustrations talk to you. Maybe you are just bored, or work at a place that you have out-grown. Perhaps you need a break, or an opportunity to learn new things. Maybe you need to connect with new people, or just maybe your soul just longs to be with nature. 

In short, most likely your soul just needs some nurturing. Do you know what it takes to restore your soul back to health? Go inside and find what it is missing. Now is a good time to do something meaningful for yourself!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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