Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reality Check

I am in the business of making forecasts, and I struggle with the fact that even when I do a good job, I can still only get so many right. Some predictions turn out to be wrong; at times, I mess up several in the row, and it then feels like an eternity to climb out of the deep hole I dug for myself.

Why are some people better than others to just cut losses, admit to the world that they were wrong, and simply move on? 
Isn't it all about pride? I started better understanding the ego in me when I realized that there is a constant chatter in my head that accuses me of things, that calls me names and that wants to put me down. I can't argue with that fellow, he is simply too strong, but I can continue on my mission in spite of the internal nay sayer. It certainly drains my energy to operate on several internal levels, but it is a liberalizing, and ultimately spiritual feeling, to realize that there is an identity beyond the voice in my head.

I thank my job as a professional forecaster for having helped me find myself. All of us spiritual travelers need that reality check. 
I see a lot of spiritual co-travelers yearning for freedom, and creative expression of their spiritual beliefs, and they simply mind that they still have a foot in the material world that keeps pulling them back. Be patient, you will get there when you are ready. In the meantime, accept and even appreciate the stuff that sometimes gives you headaches. You can observe and learn so much about the inner workings of the ego in the real world. Accept, transcend and welcome Home!

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