Friday, September 4, 2015


Whenever we are able to connect with our Self, magically, we can connect so much better with everyone around us.  Suddenly, you can see clearly who they are and how they truly feel; suddenly, you can hear the chorus from nature, the dancing leaves, or the whispering wind; suddenly you can see, hear and experience so many things that are always around you but you somehow never really noticed before. Suddenly you are present with them and feel the beauty and magnificence of every living being. You are grateful what a wonderful world the Creator has given us; you are grateful that you have a beautiful body experiencing all this! You feel simply blissful and joyful!  You experience the loving flow between you and everyone! Suddenly, everything is lightening up!  You live in a world of love and light!

What a magic world exists when we go within. At this moment we realize that we are really one!  We are one with everything and every being! God manifest Herself in everyone of us; in apparent beauty and in ugliness, in light and darkness, in bliss as well as misery.  And suddenly, you realize that live in you peace, love, and care, and always have been. 

By Su Zhen 

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