Saturday, September 5, 2015

Open Life's Present

Have you ever observed that how your belief set, and that of your parents and society, determines how you live your life? Perhaps you have never much appreciated life in the past, and never really wanted to deal with it. Perhaps you were also born into a family or a culture that never really encouraged you to face life and be entrepreneurial.

Until at one point the accumulated pain from this escape simply explodes, and you hit a wall for the first time in your life. It is only then that you realize what a big price you have paid from turning away from life and responsibility, and how much precious time has been wasted.

How can you truly experience the fire of passion, and the meaning of being alive when you never really spent the time to understand yourself and how to live up to your true potential? How can you be really grateful and joyful if you never used the divine present of your talents and drive to enrich people's lives? Now is a good time to make a fresh start! Find these talents, discover life's purpose and realize why you are really here. 

The Tao has a plan for you. Life and its many messengers are here to prepare you for your role to play, and will give you the confidence and drive to tackle your new mission. What previously had seemed like a burden and a drag, now becomes the motivation for pursuing a new direction with rekindled energy. Pay attention to yourself and observe. Does this activity make your heart sing or wither? Do you feel good when you are doing it? What feed-back are you getting? Listen to your heart and the environment you are operating in and you will find an answer.  It lies within you.

Open the present called life and see how the light will show you the Way. 

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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