Sunday, October 4, 2015

God has a Plan

He is from the West and loves his mind,
She is from the East and only respects feelings.
He is hardworking and cannot sit still;
She is a bit lazy and minds running around;
He loves sunshine;
And she loves dancing in the rain;
He is persistent,
And she is always ready to give up,
He loved meat,
And she hated it.

Magically the two met and started a journey,
It seemed impossible,
It looked impossible,
But here they go.

Like two colors melt in the water,
And turn into a total different one,
Here they are.

She can now soldier on,
and he can now cry like a child.
Today he is vegetarian,
while she eats meat on occasions.
Slowly, they melt into each other’s life,
She can now make a plan and stick to it,
And he can now drop a plan like he never did before.
What magic God has planned for them!

They become each other’s beacon of light,
and learn from each other,
They become One,
And here they go…

What a plan God has for them!

By Christian and Su Zhen  

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