Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time of My Life

I've been waiting for my dreams to turn into something 
I could believe in, and looking for that 
magic rainbow on the horizon.
Until I let go, gave into love
and watched all the bitterness burn.
Now I am coming alive, body and soul,
and feeling my world start to turn.
(The Time of my Life, David Cook)

I found myself complaining and bitching about colleagues and my work to my wife on my evening commute the other day. My wife must have concluded that I was seriously upset, because I almost convinced myself that I was. Yet, as all the negative energy got discharged, I also experienced other programs running in the background. One was replaying the memories of events ten years ago where I underwent a similar rough patch, and when that anger towards others was unfortunately very real.  The other voice at the back of my mind was calm, and the personality behind it was in fact smiling. It knew that everything I said was hot air, and that the next day I would go back to work, with twice the energy, and three times the willingness to make it work. 

There is a lot of wisdom in David Cook's "The Time of My Life" song. Only once you see all the bitterness burn away will you have made it to the next spiritual level. Resentment of any form vis-a-vis others is not only a waste of energy, it is literally an attack on yourself. You can't force feelings away, so once they are there you have to let them flow through your system without resistance. What you can do though is to always give the other perspective another try. Do it and your body and soul will come alive!

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