Friday, October 2, 2015

Many Roads Lead to Rome

Sometimes I look at the world just as Spock would; I look at crimes of passion, or stormy love affairs on the side, and they just don't want to go into my head. My head has been telling me all my life what to do; I always figured this is the Ancient Voice in my head that just  tells me what is wrong or right, while Freud would say I just have a big super ego. Who knows, perhaps the truth lies somewhere in-between.

Being a mind-driven person was my starting point, but then life happened and I literally had to learn that there are also other dimensions to our being. There are emotions that sometimes disagree with the voice in our head, and there is the heart that can beat to a different tune as well. Having this insight helped me understand where other people come from. It helped me realizing the main lesson of the Tao Te Ching, there is no right and wrong; there is life, and life just is.

Some might be saying that I am fooling myself. They might argue that my spiritual norms - the spiritual super ego - is merely dictating what I want to see and what I want to feel. Sure, there is a little of this going on too, but doesn't that makes our spiritual journey so exciting? We always can do a little better, we can always learn from our soul sibling who may be holding a piece in her hand that fits our puzzle perfectly.

Fact of the matter is, I am in awe of my beautiful mind and my ethics. God has already given me so much. But then, I believe that God has given us many instruments to perceive Her along the Way. We need to talk to each other. Together we shall find Her, if you and I compare our travel logs together. Sister, I want to see the world with your eyes; brother, I want to synchronize with your heart beat. Let's take the last few steps together on our journey Home.

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