Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Step in Front of the Other

Vivekananda wandered throughout India to spread the gospel of Sri Ramakrisha. One day he was on a pilgrimage to a far off holy place up in the mountains with a group of other pilgrims. One old monk who walked next to him looked up, saw the giant mountain in the distance and exclaimed, "I can't do it, it's too far, I am too old for that!". Vivekananda took his hand and said, "Look in front of you and focus on the next step. You will get there."

This is "The Power of Now" right in action. How overwhelming it can be to look into the uncertain future! The stuff that we contemplate is complicated and seems daunting, while the past that we analyze seems unchangeable and is full of regrets. Yet, both the future as well as the past are alive and respond to the intent of the holy Now. Do your thing and don't worry. The Tao has a plan. Subconsciously, we laid the seeds of our story years and decades ago, but the mind could never grasp in intricacy of such an undertaking. Show up in the holy Now, put your best foot forward and create the best story ever told. 

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