Saturday, October 24, 2015


The ego says, once everything falls into place, you will be at peace.
Spirit says, once you are at peace, everything falls into place.

The ego is always searching for this elusive happiness. Yet, now and then you also have to stop and smell the roses. We are here on earth to be happy, and not to look for happiness. Actually, spiritual or not, most of us are in the same boat. No one is always driven by the ego, just as no one is always in the Spirit. All of us are alternating back and forth between these two modes of being. So why don't we all run a little experiment together. When you go to work today, can you please try to give this working hypothesis a try: say to yourself, "everything is already taken care of" and see whether it works :)

The trick is to step out of the "ego versus Spirit" antagonism. Every aspect of your being has its meaning and importance and should be respected and treated that way. Our soul has a certain mission and the pain will remain with you until you have granted yourself what you truly care about deep inside. The ego is a completely different fellow, he just wants to feel special! But you can do that by fighting for your little spot in the lime-light, or you can actually feel special about yourself when you perform your spiritual function with brilliance and magic. The way to bring all three voices into harmony, let your Self and your soul set the mission you are on, and use the ego as the GPS devise to get you to your destination.

A spiritual path is your divine mission statement to create Heaven on earth here and now. Know that you are at peace already, and everything falls into place.

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