Friday, October 23, 2015

Soul Mission

We have a soul mission;
we are here to get something done!
But once we discover who we truly are,
we can do so in style, and also have some fun.

The other day I was bumping into a colleague in the elevator whom I hadn't seen in a while, and when I asked him how he was doing he replied that he was busy. I asked him, "why do we always have to be busy?", to which he replied, "to be successful!". I ventured to say that success and being busy do not always have to be related, to which he responded, "Well yes, but then you have to be really smart."

I wanted to tell him that it may be about something different than just 'smartness', but he had already run off. So what exactly is the secret sauce that I am talking about? It is connectedness and purpose. When you have found your life's mission, all the wheels turn automatically. Sometimes you are under the impression that they are moving fast, while sometimes they seem to be adjusting slowly. Yet, as long as your mission is clear and purposeful, moving in the right direction they will. Synchronize with the magnificent Force that gets you to your desired destination; get there in style and have some fun too.

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