Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Best Story in the World

Have you every observed how the Way adjusts our life just perfectly to what we need?  It seems like She is the best chef in town, seasoning our life just as should. If we just follow Her cues, and happily go along with the plan, we will discover the most magnificent adventure, tailored to our unique taste.

If you observed yourself carefully you will find that we like to indulge ourselves with what we consider pleasurable. What would you do when you suddenly win 10 million dollars in the lottery? Do you know that the experienced long-term happiness of a multi-million lottery winner is exactly the same as if you don't? The reason is that we consider pleasurable - shopping, good food, orgasms, company of good friends, meditation, free time - is still pale in comparison to what life has to offer to us. 

If we allow life to do some seasoning for us, we find our life is constantly renewed that even in our ordinary day to day interactions we can be as blessed - or more - as a millionaire. What excites us is the unknown, the uncertainty, and all the possibilities to write our personal story.

Just open your arms and welcome life! You will discover that what life comes up with, fiction simply can't match.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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