Tuesday, October 6, 2015


When you think about it, the moment when the Holy Ghost descended on Jesus' disciples had little to do with the circumstances they were in. Jesus was dead, and their fellowship was in jeopardy, yet forty days after the darkest day of their lives, they celebrated the dawn of a new era. They were suddenly filled by the Spirit. It was as if the weight of a thousand pounds had been lifted off their chests.

I had the insight to write this note a few days ago. Actually, it was more an incredible feeling than a thought. Nothing had really changed in my situation either. Work was still as stressful as before; home and family life still required many errands, and a few doctor appointments, but somehow it didn't bother me any more. Just like James Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life", I probably would have shook the hand of the police man who is just about to arrest me as well.

Exuberance is a shift of consciousness, a falling in love with what is. It's a wonderful feeling to have - hope the Tao sends this feeling your way too!

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