Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Journey Home

He is a spiritual traveler and has done everything in his capacity to reach the highest union with God. His journey started one day when he looked up into the sky and was memorized by a white cloud, and got completely lost in it. Time stood literally still for him in this blessed satori moment. He tried everything to get back that feeling. Certainly all the traditional methods, like meditation and prayers, as well as the more esoteric ones, like living with women in a non-sexual relationship to be closer to the divine female energy. Nothing worked, nothing got him back to that beloved moment of peace, love and infinity, so one day he simply grew sick of waiting, and he took a sword from a wall-hanging and said, "Well, if You are not coming to me, I am coming to You!" But before he could do anything, the door opened and Durga Herself came in, took the sword away and said, "I am here my beloved."

Sri Ramakrishna was this 19th century Indian mystic who achieved enlightenment practically with a sledge hammer. And while I am hardly the one to recommend to go and "seek" enlightenment for the very reason that this desire might well be the ego wrapped in holy clothes, I would say that a spiritual path is a lot more than some yoga, meditation sessions and sharing uplifting messages in a Facebook setting. Day in, day out, a spiritual path is therapy, the embracing of change, and cutting out of what stands in the way of the Self. But no worries, it turns out that this process of discrimination is natural and not forced at all. You take one step in Her direction and the second follows naturally. This journey of "not this, not that" can be compared to a river streaming into the ocean as if it was the most natural  thing in the world. Sri Ramakrishna is the giant on whose shoulders we can now stand. But still, we have a job to do. So go on my friend, on our Journey Home. 

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