Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Story of the Thunder Storm and the Ray of Light

One of my colleagues was pretty passionate about a theme that I was somewhat agnostic on. And while he was making his case in an investment meeting there was a thunderous crash outside of our building. If was just as if God Himself had underwritten what he just said with a thunder storm. And boy was he right; markets crashed just as he had predicted.

A while later, my colleagues and I debated whether it is now time to become more positive. I argued that way whereas most other investors were still under the influence of the prior market crash. It was dark and cloudy outside, but as I was speaking, the sun broke through the clouds and the rays of light fell on the spot where I was sitting. 

When you really look you will see that the symbols of the Beyond are always with you. It is just that you have to find your unique mode of communication, and accept that it takes a little back and forth to get to that state. There was a time when I wanted to exploit this knowledge for my professional success, but today I am not sure whether this even can be done. The journey Home is about not getting distracted by these mystic powers at your disposal. A spiritual path is all about having your agenda being washed away by the holy Now.

So day in, day out, I do what I feel I have to do to proceed along the Way, but it is certainly nice to feel God's Hand on my shoulder from time to time.

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