Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's in a Name?

I remember someone once mentioned the subconscious nature of a name that apparently puts into stone the mission someone is on. The psychologist Freud (pleasure in German) devoted a life time to understanding the pleasure principle. The psychologist Adler (eagle in German) focused on power, while Erich Fromm (pious in German) developed the psychology of love, humanity and spirituality. Hmm!

I remembered all this when I saw the video of Jim Tolles, a spiritual teacher in the Spiritual Network community. How similar this name is to Eckhart Tolle, the author of "The Power of Now", "Toll" in German means terrific. Well, how terrific is that if you are an enlightened spiritual leader!

Well, what about me? My name has no meaning I know of, but my pen name, Christian Wiese, happens to be the name I was born with since my parents only married when I was 7. Now the German word Wiese literally means "meadow", but since I am writing in English one cannot help associating this name with "wise". What's up with that! Isn't everything I am after in my spiritual writing about wisdom?

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