Thursday, November 19, 2015


Just imagine for a moment that you are surrounded by abundance. Say, you need strawberries for your morning cereal, and as you step out of your farm house you enter a strawberry field with fruit ready to be picked as far as the eye can see. Would greed even be possible in such a scenario?

Greed is caused by the feeling of not having enough. Our mind zooms into what we think we don't have enough of - sex, money, fame, material possessions, etc. When we have what we want we don't need to look elsewhere. When we are planting new flowers in our garden, we are way too busy to wonder whether our neighbor's grass is greener.

Our spiritual community sometimes has the temptation to withdraw from the so-called real world. That is of course perfectly fine if it happens with a feeling of abundance, but is not so helpful if it happens with a feeling of disgust. Abundance always surrounds us, but we may have to learn a few things to be able to tap into it; we also may have to work hard to claim it, but that's what the real world is here for. Embrace abundance, live it and share it. There is only one way to stop that nagging feeling, to realize that everything we ever dreamt of is at our disposal. 

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